December Oakland Bulletin: 4% COLAs, Budget Uncertainty, New Officers, Common Class Study

Here are a couple of highlights from our December Oakland Bulletin:

  • Our 4% COLA is nearly here! Effective January 14, 2017, all members will receive a nice cost of living wage. Keep in mind that these are not gifts from the City to their employees, but hard fought victories secured at the bargaining table by our Union.
  • Budget Uncertainty Looms (page 3) as President-elect Trump’s plans for federal funding for cities like Oakland remains up in the air. This is relevant to the members at the Port because if the City of Oakland falls on hard times, they are going to look to make changes to the health insurance contribution and we want to ensure that we maintain 100% employer-paid health plans at the City, so we are in a strong bargaining position when we start bargaining at the Port of Oakland.
  • A complete list of our new officers is on page 4 and while these leaders won’t take office until the end of January, our Union is working hard to not only prepare an orientation for the new leaders so they can be effective the first day of assuming leadership positions, but we are also working to ensure that the process is more smooth moving forward in the future with lessons learned.
  • A new Electronic Work Related Tools Administrative Instruction is moving closer to fruition and there is a detailed report on the committee progress on page 5.
  • The Re-Org Meet and Confer for Public Works/DOT is also making progress. Promotional Opportunities was the subject of our first meet and confer and the outcomes are listed on page 7 of our newsletter.
  • The Common Class Study Methodology is prepared and ready for presentation to the Civil Service Board this Thursday, December 8 at 5:30 p.m. All Members are welcome to attend and as soon as we get information on the methodology used in the study, we will report back to the membership.
  • As we work to improve our materials welcoming new members into our Union, we have created a New Member Orientation booklet for all members to see what information our new members receive. That booklet is attached and it is also highlighted on page 9.