Don’t forget to renew your DACA by October 5th

It's almost October 5th -- the cruel, arbitrary deadline the Trump Administration placed on DACA recipients whose work authorization expires before March 5, 2018 to apply for renewal.

According to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), approximately 154,000 DACA-mented youth are eligible to renew their DACA application before October 5th. If you’re eligible, please renew your DACA application and ensure that USCIS has your application by October 5. Click here for organizations funding DACA renewals. 

If you know someone who is eligible, please encourage them to apply. Don’t let the financial burden become a barrier. Funds for renewals are available with no strings attached!  To ensure that ALL DACA eligible youth are able to get their DACA renewed,donate here.

Here are three more actions you can take today to support and protect our undocumented friends and family:

(1) Call your Representative & demand a #cleanDREAMAct!

As of this morning, 195 members of Congress have signed onto the Discharge Petition, which would force House Leadership to allow Representatives to vote on the DREAM Act. Check here to see if your representative has signed on! Don’t see your Representative on the list? Call 844-551-6921 and demand that they immediately sign onto the discharge petition and pass a clean DREAM Act. We’re only 23 members away from the 218 members needed to force the vote!