Don’t Forget to Use Your Professional Development Benefit!

All Local 21 members are reminded to utilize your Professional Development reimbursement benefit. 

Memorialized as Section 41.11 of our contract, the benefit is valued at up to $625. For every two years, the Professional Development benefit allows bargaining unit members to be reimbursed for the purchase of:

  • memberships in professional organizations
  • professional license fees required by the employee’s classification
  • subscriptions to professional publications
  • attendance fees at job-related professional development activities
  • purchase of job-related computer hardware and software (excludes automation connectivity, support, or subscription fees)

You can find a copy of the pre-authorized technology reimbursement list here.  Your purchase should be made by the end of this month to qualify for the current two-year period.  Employees may also seek pre-approval from the Department Head for purchases not in line with this pre-authorized list, if the request is for technology related to your own professional development.  The request should be made through the regular demand process and should be accompanied by proof of purchase.