Donate to the TJ Anthony Fund

Photo Credit: Mindy Pines

This past Spring primary marked a string of hard fought victories for Local 21 members around the Bay Area as voters went to the polls, selected their top candidates, and made important decisions on ballot measures.

More than 300 Local 21 members from around the Union volunteered to call voters, distribute door hangers, and walk door to door to educate the public about the candidates and initiatives that would help save jobs and community services. This is more than double the number of volunteers we’ve had in any previous year, and shows how much stronger our Union has become in the face of numerous challenges at the ballot box and in the workplace.

More than 450 members stepped up to be part of the T.J. Anthony Fund for Political Action ─ the highest level in Local 21 history. Their donations, ranging from $3 to $30 a paycheck, allowed us to support pro-labor, pro-public services candidates and initiatives in critical races.

In November 2018, your help is needed more than ever. Be part of the success and donate to the TJ Anthony Fund now!


Click here to begin contributing to the TJ Anthony Fund. Completing the form only takes a couple minutes. Please complete in one sitting. Unfortunately, the system doesn't allow you to start and return to a partially completed application. 

Note: Local 21 members who work for the following jurisdictions DO NOT have the ability to have donations deducted from your paycheck.  Instead, you have to transfer a set amount every month from your checking account by completing the attached form.  The jurisdictions include:  West Contra Costa County Unified School District, Contra Costa Water District, San Jose, Santa Clara County, Port of Oakland, Valley Transportation Agency and Santa Clara County. Fill out the form below and either fax it to the Local 21 Office or scan it and email it to

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