Early Preparations for 2016 Contract Negotiations Underway

Just three months after wrapping up health care negotiations in coalition with other County unions, full contract bargaining is once again on the horizon. We have already begun early preparations for negotiations, kicking the Local 21 Bargaining Team nominations at our October chapter meeting.

Ten members representing a variety of County departments have since been nominated, including those with prior bargaining experience and a number of members stepping up to serve for the first time.  Representing a full team, these members include:

Scott Hutchinson - Sheriff

Marc Miyashiro  - Health Services IT

John Steere - Public Works

Margie Valdez - Public Works

Adam Down - Health Services

George Carter - EHSD

Joe Doser - Health Services

Dave Silva - Public Works

Ayore Riaunda - Health Services

Gabe Lemus - Conservation & Development

An initial bargaining survey meant to provide input and inform our priorities during the upcoming round of negotiations will be sent to members shortly.  It is imperative that all members take the time to complete the 2016 Bargaining Survey so that your interests can be advanced at the bargaining table.  In addition to negotiating a fair and reasonable wage increase that results in more take home pay, the Bargaining Team will push for other beneficial changes the membership is pushing for.

Negotiations should begin in the first few weeks of the new year, with our current contract set to expire next summer.  Members will continue to receive updates via email as well as at our monthly chapter meetings. Once the contract campaign is fully underway, members can also expect regular scheduled worksite discussions, as well as a reactivated Contract Action Team (CAT)!