Executive Board Update

The Chapter Executive Board is losing another valued and long-term member. Stanley Lawrence, Chapter Secretary, has accepted an exciting new position with the Auditor-Controller’s Office in San Joaquin County and he will be sorely missed.

In addition to his employment as an Accountant for the County, Stan has served as our Chapter Secretary for many years, supporting the chapter and maintaining accurate records on its behalf.  Stan and his wife, Selina, welcomed their first child (Gavin) during Stan’s tenure on the Executive Board. Not long afterward, the Executive Board was excited to have Gavin join us for a number of meetings, underscoring Stan’s commitment to the position.

Local 21 wishes Stan and his family the absolute best moving forward.  We are thankful for his dedication and service to his coworkers and Union over the years.  We will miss Gavin, too, but hope he enjoys his new room in the new house!


With Stan’s departure, any members interested in joining the Executive Board — whether as Secretary, Supervisor’s Unit Representative, or as a Representative at Large— should contact Sue Guest, Chapter President, at PresidentCoCol21@gmail.com