February Oakland Bulletin: Class Study, CAT, CalPERS, and Federal Threats to City Funding

Highlights of February's Oakland Bulletin:

  • Common Class Study Methodology Information Session (page 6) is Tuesday, February 14, from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Port of Oakland Board Room, 530 Water Street.
  • Contract Action Team Meeting (pages 3 and 10) is Tuesday, February 28, at noon at the Local 21 offices.
  • CalPERS Pension increases and the impact to Members is listed on page 3.
  • Public Works/DOT Acting List information sessions are covered on page 4.
  • Threats to funding in the City of Oakland by President Trump is on page 5.
  • Our City of San Francisco colleagues have a Tentative Extension Agreement for two years; more details are on page 7.

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