Golden Gate Bridge Members Take Action to Save Jobs at Marin County Fair

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Local 21 members joined a coalition of 11 Golden Gate Bridge unions for a joint action calling on the Golden Gate Bridge District to save the jobs of its Bridge Officers who work at the toll booths.

Recently the Golden Gate Bridge Transportation District Board voted to eliminate all 37 of the Bridge Officers (Toll Collectors) and replace them with an electronic toll system. A similar electronic system was such a failure in Louisiana that it is being scrapped at a cost of $10 million and human toll takers are being hired back.

In response, the Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition, to which Local 21 belongs, rented a booth at the Marin County Fair to garner public support for the Bridge Officers. A central theme of the Fair was the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. Eleven coalition unions volunteered to staff the booth over the five days of the fair. Local 21 members volunteered a shift at the fair from 11am to 4pm on Saturday, July 2nd. Union members educated the public about the need for Bridge Officers at the toll booths, gathered petition signatures in support of the Bridge Officers, and handed out leaflets.

The united labor effort to save the Bridge Officers’ jobs is continuing and Local 21 members are encouraged to email the Golden Gate Bridge Transportation District Board Secretary, Janet Tarantino to tell the Board to save the human face of the Golden Gate Bridge and not to fire the Bridge Officers.

(Photo: Local 21 members Wilson Lau and Jeffrey Lee at the Labor Coalition Booth; Photo by Alex Tonisson)