Golden Gate District walks away from table, Labor Coalition unions holding strike authorization votes

On July 1, all the Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition contracts expired, with the District still refusing to agree to wage retroactivity. The day before contract expiration, the District proposed a three-year contract with raises of 2.5% in 2014; 2% in 2015; and 2% in 2016. After receiving a Labor Coalition counterproposal, the District negotiators left the table in the afternoon after refusing to submit a new proposal and try to reach a settlement.

This means that the District is still maintaining its take-away proposal to dramatically increase the costs of healthcare premiums for any of current healthcare options. Over the past several contract cycles, the Labor Coalition has made major concessions in wages and benefits to help the District’s finances. Now the District is in the best financial situation it has been in for over a decade.

Thebargaining team will not agree to or endorse a settlement that does not include real wage increasesthat keep up with the cost of living (CPI), and all Labor Coalition Unions will be holding strike authorization votes.

The Golden Gate Labor Coalition represents workers at the Golden Gate Highway and Transportation District from 13 different unions, including Local 21. It is comprised of ferry deckhands and captains, bus servicers and mechanics, bridge ironworkers and inspectors.