Golden Gate Members Organize Picket, Demand Fairness

On October 28, Local 21 members at the Golden Gate Bridge District joined 75 of their fellow Labor Coalition members for an informational picket. Together, they confronted the Board of Directors on the lack of progress at the bargaining table with the District. 

District management has been trying to break commitments made to retirees, by substituting a new, inferior health care plan for the plan promised that could significantly limit in-network doctors. Although the District is a public entity, management was recently given higher salaries and pensions while forcing employees to live on wages that have not kept up with inflation for many years.

One of the cost-cutting measures the labor coalition has proposed is to reduce expenses by putting a "cap" on pensions paid by the District, which would largely only impact management’s oversized pensions. In a display of pure hypocrisy at the bargaining table, the District says it wants to reduce the cost of retirement benefits, but refuses to accept any limit on management pensions.

Show your support for Local 21 members at the Golden Gate Bridge District and others in the Labor Coalition. E-mail Janet Tarantino, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Golden Gate Bridge District, and let the Board know:

Retired employees who gave their working life to the District should keep the medical coverage they were promised.

Management’s oversized pensions should not be allowed to grow beyond reason, and they must accept a pension cap.(Photo by Alex Tonisson)