Golden Gate Reaches Tentative Agreement

On May 7, after more than one year at the bargaining table with the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District, the Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition, including Local 21, reached a tentative agreement.

Joining other Labor Coalition unions, members from both the Engineer and Allied Local 21 chapters voted unanimously for strike sanction the week before May 1. On May Day, Labor Coalition members from the Inland Boatman’s Union, who work at the Golden Gate Ferry, shut down ferry service and went on strike to protect affordable family healthcare. Over 20 Local 21 members took their own time off to support the early morning strike picket line. It was there that the Teamsters Local 665 announced they would be the next Coalition union to go on strike and shut down all Golden Gate Bus service if an agreement was not reached before May 10.

The one-day Ferry strike generated national news coverage from the San Francisco Chronicle to the Washington Post, about our struggle for a fair contract. With public pressure growing and the threat of ongoing rolling strikes, the District made significant movement at the negotiating table for the first time in months. The tentative agreement not only protects quality healthcare for families, but also includes raises in all three years of the contract. However, members will have to start paying a fixed monthly cost for healthcare and other concessions such as changing the pension formula for new hires, to help address the District’s deficit.

Now that a tentative agreement has been reached, all 14 Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition unions are expected to complete negotiations in the next two weeks at their individual side tables. At that time members from each union will vote to accept their final agreements. However, individual unions could still take action, including strikes, if their side table agreements are not settled.