Hayward Bargaining Update

It has been a long, hard, and stress-filled two years of bargaining for our Hayward Chapter. They have proven, through three different independent reports on revenue, expenditures, and budgeting practices, that the City has sufficient resources to begin lifting its employees out of the 12% hole they are in – after making concessions during the Great Recession.
There have been videos. Elections. City Council speeches. Nothing has seemed to convince the City that they have great employees who need to be compensated in a manner that rewards their service, recognizes their contributions, and recognizes high cost of living in the Bay Area.
With all that said, there seems to be hope. Over the last month, there have been positive bargaining sessions. The City seems like it is recognizing its financial health and maybe, just maybe, might move towards a real settlement offer.
The union has made moves on health and the pension contributions. The City needs to move on wages and off some other concessions. We are not asking for anything out of line with any other contract in the Bay Area that has been negotiated within the last year.
Our members stepped up when the City needed it. Now the City Council and City Manager need to step up when our members need it.