Contra Costa County workers have the highest healthcare premium rates for families in the Bay Area. The county has been unwilling to fix this problem, and with their approval, rates are slated to increase as much as 14.74 % in January 2019. Contra Costa County workers pay more than double their counterparts in San Francisco, and triple that of city workers in Oakland for family coverage. 

Enough is enough. The Board of Supervisors must act now to support healthcare equity! Nine unions have formed a Healthcare Coalition to demand that the County make the health of its workers and their families a priority. We are running out of time to make the Board of Supervisors hear us.

Sign the Petition!
What you can do: 
Sign the petition asking the County to bargain with the Union Coalition immediately and to agree to pay its fair share of employee healthcare costs. 

Join the rally on September 18th. We need to turn out hundreds of members to show the County that we mean business. We will be meeting on September 18th at 8 am, 651 Pine St., Martinez. This is worth taking a few hours off of work for!

Fill out the prescription card that will also be circulating in your workplace, and tell your story about how healthcare costs affect you and your family. We will be presenting them to the Board on September 18!