How Do We Get a Great Contract in 2019?

Bargaining is fast approaching for CCSF- our first bargaining date has been announced on January 17, 2019. Our union is strong- we are at 90% membership and have won some major battles this year that only make us stronger. We need to use our strength to best advantage to bring home a great contract.

On December 1st, the Bargaining Team and the Contract Action Team (CAT) attended an all-day training en masse, where these leaders learned about bargaining and how we build power in our workplaces and on the street for a successful contract campaign. Member leaders committed to attend the Bargaining Kick-Off Rally on January 17th at noon on the steps of City Hall. The Bargaining Team and the CAT also reviewed the CCSF Bargaining Survey, which thousands of CCSF members responded to in an unprecedented show of participation.


The survey results were clear that the number one issue of high concern to members is protecting our pension and health benefits. That’s no surprise- we know that anti-worker forces are systematically attacking public workers’ benefits across the country and in the Bay Area, and that it has only been our union strength that has protected everything that we’ve won. And of course, members also identified wage increases as important for us to secure. We know that as the cost of housing in the Bay Area continues to skyrocket, working people just aren’t keeping up.

Members also responded to the question of what we are most proud of in our work for the public with a variety of heartfelt answers. These responses show why serving the public and being champions for our community are at the heart of what we do and why we need to protect jobs and services in 2019 bargaining. Here are some examples of what fellow union members wrote:


Work we are most proud of:


“Drafting policy recommendations that benefit vulnerable populations.”

“Making a difference in the health of SF residents.”

“Upgrading our firewall infrastructure.”

“Clean power and water.”

“Investigate workplace discrimination and harassment.”

“Created amazing new parks, despite bureaucratic hurdles.”

“Serving people of SF.”

“Provided world class care for children with long term disabilities through their lifespan.”

“Provide bilingual services to San Francisco who are identified as limited English speakers and help them understand city services.”

“Helping most vulnerable children youth and families in this city through mental health and relevant social services.”


When asked what the biggest problem facing the city of San Francisco is, affordable housing and homelessness were overwhelmingly identified by members. More than half of L21 members who work for the city of San Francisco live outside the city, and many of our members provide services to residents who are struggling with housing issues. 1 in 5 respondents also said that they have experienced discrimination or harassment in the workplace. Both issues speak to how there is real work to do in our city and in our workplaces. As union members, we are in a powerful position to make real change.


How can you help build power for a strong contract?

·         Attend the Rally on January 17, at noon, on the steps of SF City Hall. Let’s make sure the City sees our solidarity and resolve. Let’s send our Bargaining Team to the table on day one of bargaining with a big rally of support.  Commit to attend here.

·      Bargaining Meetings are coming to a worksite near you in January. Participate and stay informed! Check out the list of meetings and RSVP!

·      Stand together. Bargaining is a democratic process with input from across the membership. Once our top goals are set, we speak with one voice.  When we stand together we are strong. We may not individually get everything we’d like, but when we stand together we see the most gains for the most people.

·      Show our solidarity. Show it at rallies, the workplace, and anywhere that our Bargaining Team needs us. The first action is the rally on January 17, but there will be more to come!