IFPTE Local 21 Commits to Resist Discriminatory Immigration Policies

As a leading Bay Area union, IFPTE Local 21 recognizes and celebrates the diversity of our union, and commits to defending against any attacks on the respect, dignity, and rights of all working people regardless of race, religion, immigration status or country of origin. Local 21 revels in the strength of our diverse membership and staff, and will fight for the rights of our most vulnerable sisters and brothers.

Labor is the common denominator—it impacts us all. Immigrants and refugees are architects, engineers, professionals, and workers of all stripes. Immigrants and refugees are Local 21 members and staff, faithful and proud community leaders, friends and neighbors. They are workers, and their rights are workers’ rights. Their experiences, leadership, and contributions make our communities and our union stronger.

We refuse to play into the fear that pits public workers against marginalized people in our society. We emphatically reject Trump policies that criminalize immigrants, unfairly target refugees, and discriminate against Muslims and other immigrant communities. Policies that legitimize systemic discrimination against people of minority religions, races, and nationalities empower xenophobia and bigotry in our society. We condemn in the strongest terms all discriminatory laws and policies, and the dangerous political rhetoric that seeks to divide working people from one another and erode the solidarity that makes workers stronger than the forces that oppress us.

Many of our members are immigrants themselves, or have family members and friends who are affected. We commit to acting on behalf of impacted members and informing Local 21’s membership on these issues. Local 21 members and staff showed up in full force in the “No Ban No Wall” protests, including the one staged at SFO, when President Trump first announced the Muslim Ban. We will continue to build on this momentum. We have launched a new immigration resource page on our website to provide updates and resources for immigrants affected by prejudiced policies coming from the Federal government. We pledge to support and engage in City and County-level actions to disrupt discriminatory policies, and we strongly encourage member participation in these events. We will inform members of these actions on our Facebook page.

We must be active, now more than ever, in politics and civil discourse. As unionists, we know that when our oppressors attempt to divide and conquer, we must band together. We will stand united, and we will resist.

View this statement as a PDF here.