Implementation of Measure B Delayed Additional Year

We are pleased to announce that the current order preventing any further implementation of Measure B, which was set to expire on June 30, 2014, has now been extended to June 30, 2015.

All parties in the Measure B litigation agreed to the extension and a new court order putting it into effect was signed by Judge Lucas this week.  This prevents the implementation of even those provisions not found unlawful by Judge Lucas.

Most notably, the new stipulation order will prevent the “New Definition” for disability retirement eligibility from going into effect for our Tier 1 members. The new order will also prevent the unilateral “Poison Pill” pay cuts that were the cornerstone of Measure B. Remember, that provision called for pay reductions of up to 4% per year, for a total of 16%, as a cost recovery measure if the City’s attempt to force City employees to pay for unfunded liabilities was ruled illegal (which is was).

During this order, we will be appealing several aspects of the initial Measure B ruling, and we suspect the City will do similarly.

Local 21 will continue to press the City to fix Measure B and put in place fair, legal and common sense pension cost savings that include disability protections for City workers injured while on the job.

For all of our Members, Local 21 will continue to fight to correct the many flaws contained in Measure B. Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate it.