Lawrence Livermore Lab Move Means More Jobs, Revenue for Richmond

Last week, University of California announced that Richmond’s 120-acre Field Station would be the new site for an extension of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Scheduled to open in 2016, this will mean hundreds of high-paying jobs coming to the City of Richmond.

Most of these jobs would be related to fields of health and cancer research, as well as environmental and energy research. UC decided to expand the Laboratory because its present site is not big enough to accommodate staff and research. The lab had opened numerous off-site research facilities scattered throughout the East Bay, and now will consolidate into the Richmond space.

City of Richmond officials are in a celebratory mood, and see Lawrence Livermore Lab’s move as a promising opportunity for the local economy. Richmond has also seen the recent opening of SunPower’s solar panel factory and Rosie the Riveter National Historic Park. The boom in local business means more tax revenue and economic development for the city, its residents, and the workers (including Local 21 members) who provide public services.