Local 21 ‘Talks to Chuck’

As you know, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s proposed statewide ballot measure for the 2014 or 2016 ballot could make it impossible for us to ever afford to retire.  In response, 31 members of L21 stepped up at the January Delegate Assembly to retire him and his ballot measure for good.  The members, listed below, either increased their donations or made a donation for the first time to the ‘Chuck Reed Retirement Project’ aka Local 21 TJ Anthony Political Action Committee.  

Interested?  Sign up today – Donate $7.50 per pay period to help us stand up for middle class families. Help us get rid of Reed and support candidates who respect our pension benefits!

Thank you!

James Baker
Kristen Belcastro
Dana Blum
Dianna Butcher
Steve Contreras Jr
Nicholas Corrette
Robert Eagle
Ken Feliciano
Sheehan Gillis
Mikhael Hart
Eileen Housteau
Scott Hutchinson
Christia Katz Mulvey
Stanley Lawrence
Gabriel Lemus
Iris Martin-Lopez
Cheryl Mc Bain
Robert Newman
Ananth Prasad
Gabriella Raymond
Sam Rosales
Sally Salman
Donald Smith
Michael Smith
Renee Sykes
Peter Testa
Cynthia Ullmann
Margaret Valdez
Sonji Walker
Franceen Weisert-Anderson