Local 21 EDF Fund Expanded

The Employee Development Fund (EDF) is set aside for Local 21-represented employees’ training, education, and professional development. In our new contract, we negotiated an increase in the EDF to $750,000 per year for eligible expenditures. This reflects a $250k increase from previous years, where the maximum allocation was $500k.

In the past, members found that by February of each year, EDF funds were always depleted. Because of this, we not only negotiated the increase in total funds, but modified the maximum reimbursement to ensure more members have access to the benefit. Now, each employee may use up to $2,000.
The EDF covers tuition, registration fees, books and materials, training programs, professional conferences, professional association memberships, and desired licenses relevant to the employee’s current classification. 
EDF requests for reimbursement are subject to approval and require submission of a application form.
If you have an EDF request from last year, but were not reimbursed because funds were exhausted, you may resubmit your request by September 28. After this deadline, you may only submit reimbursements for EDF activities that were paid for in the same fiscal year, unless proof of completion is not available in the same year.

Here’s some general info about the EDF process provided by the City and County of San Francisco.