Local 21 Endorses Meiberger for SF Retirement Board Election

Local 21’s Executive Committee recently endorsed Herb Meiberger for re-election to the San Francisco Retirement Board. Meiberger brings twenty years of experience as a Retirement Board Commissioner; fighting to keep San Francisco pensions the best-funded plan in California, at 91%. He also championed divestment from Sudan and tobacco companies. Our Executive Committee felt strongly that Meiberger would do the best job in representing the interests of Local 21 against further cuts in your retirement plans.

Ballots were sent out the last week of December to all San Francisco employees, and are due on January 27. You must sign the envelope before you send it by U.S., or interdepartmental mail. If you’ve lost your ballot, download a new ballot form, request a new one from the Department of Elections, or email Julie Gilgoff at jgilgoff@ifpte21.org.