Local 21 Fights Privatization of Oakland Museum

Local 21 has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the City of Oakland for contracting out positions that are currently held by Local 21 members at the Oakland Museum. 

Currently, the City has an agreement with the Oakland Museum Foundation to co-operate the museum.  There are 44 City staff working at the museum, and the remainder are Foundation employees.  The City is now proposing that they continue to own the museum building and collections, but end its role in operating the museum.   If this proposal is adopted all of our members would be laid off and would have to reapply for their positions with the Foundation.

Local 21 has had three Meet and Confer sessions and the City has provided us with limited information.  The Union filed an unfair labor practice charge and a grievance because the City will be contracting out our positions to the Foundation. Oakland City Council will be voting on both the lease agreement and the professional service agreement on June 7th.