Local 21 Files PERB Complaint Against Contra Costa Water District

Our Contra Costa Water District chapter continues to battle over the misapplication of MOU language.  After several meetings and an antagonistic grievance process, Local 21 filed a charge in November 2014 with the state Public Employment Relations Board.  We are now waiting to hear back from the PERB agent as to whether the case will go to arbitration or a settlement conference.
Members agreed in a side letter to continue a 4.5% Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) contribution through September 2014.  The employer wanted our unit to extend the 4.5% contribution to OPEB from the sunset date through the expiration of our MOU in November 2015.  Though the District offered another union a contract extension and non-economic benefits in exchange for the continued contribution, the employer was not willing to offset our continued concession with anything.  The District also took the position that there was no sunset date and that the contribution is permanent, and has continued deducting the 4.5% from paychecks.   When we filed a grievance, the District continued its shenanigans and would not expedite arbitration, stated the issue wasn't grievable and requested a list of information such as our teams bargaining notes and all communication the Union has had with its members on the issue since 2011.
Local 21 will continue to stand up for our Members.