Local 21 Leader Gus Vallejo Runs for Retirement Board (SFERS)

Gus Vallejo has been an active leader in the IT Professionals chapter for years. He currently serves as his chapter’s President, and has been involved in the Union’s Political Action Committee and countless campaigns to safeguard our benefits. When the seat for an active employee representative opened on the San Francisco Employees Retirement System Board (SFERS), Gus decided to run because of his commitment to improving our retirement security through prudent investment choices and responsible oversight.

A career City employee since 1999, Gus has a deep understanding of our pension system. He has worked as a Systems Analyst at the Dept. of Technology and SFERS. Highly respected, he has more than 25 years of experience in public and private sector analytic, technical, and financial management, spanning multiple financial industries. He has the skills to understand and guide our $15 billion pension fund. Gus has:

  • Helped develop SFERS’ Pension Administration System, which calculates and pays benefits. 
  • Developed risk models measuring credit exposure, and implemented a ledger system for the Fireman’s Fund.
  • Created large scale scoring systems for Wells Fargo.
If elected, Gus would be the only active civilian employee on the Retirement Board, providing much needed balance, consensus building, and a strong voice for non-safety employees. The other candidates are sworn police officers who have a different pension benefit and different priorities.
SFERS Board members make important decisions about how to invest and grow our fund and where to set the anticipated rate of return. These have a major impact on how much of our salaries we contribute to our own pensions as active employees, and how much we will receive in supplemental colas when we retire.
“We need someone like Gus, who will make responsible investment choices, but also understand how those choices have a real impact on working families and retirees,” said Wilfredo Lim, Health Service System Commissioner.
Casting Your Ballot is Critical, Last Election Only Had 20% Voter Turnout
Voter turnout will be critical in this election. Green envelopes with ballots will be mailed to voters’ homes in late August. Signed ballots must be returned by USPS or interoffice mail and received at the Dept. of Elections by 5pm on Sept. 18 to be counted.
“Gus has the experience and skills to oversee our pension system, and is committed to doing what’s best for our city, its employees, and retirees,” said Mary Marzotto, Local 21 San Francisco Vice President.