Local 21 Members Pound the Pavement to Limit Real Estate Interests in the City

The usually quiet June primary election proved to be a barn burner this year. Local 21 members volunteered for 96 shifts to get the vote out, helping to identify 14,000 supporters and walking dozens of precincts to encourage support for candidates and ballot measures that are good for public sector workers and their communities.

San Francisco voters were deluged with nearly 40 pieces of mail in the last 2 weeks of the campaign, most of the mail focused on the campaign between 58 candidates vying for seats on the Democratic Central Committee and the race for State Senate between Supervisors Jane Kim and Scott Wiener. 

The two opposing slates running for the Democratic Central Committee were headed up by Local 21-endorsed Aaron Peskin, and by Mary Jung,  who is also the lobbyist for the San Francisco Association of REALTORS®. 

And the results?

17 Local 21-Endorsed Candidates Were Elected to the 24 Member Democratic Central Committee

Enough Reform Slate candidates were elected to have a major impact on the direction of the local Democratic Party. Among those elected on the Reform Slate was Local 21 member Rafael Mandelman. A big issue in the race was limiting the extent to which big money from the real estate industry influences Party endorsements. The Reform Slate is focused on affordable housing for a city that is becoming less and less affordable for the middle and working classes, which includes many Local Local 21 members. Local 21 endorsed 27 candidates in total, including the entire Reform Slate led by Supervisor Peskin.

All Four Local 21-Backed Ballot Measures Passed

This includes Proposition A, a bond measure for city infrastructure that will provide jobs for our members, and Proposition C, which requires that 25% of new housing be affordable to moderate and middle income residents.

Jane Kim Received 45% of the Vote

In the race for state Senate, Scott Wiener garnered 45.5% of the vote while Local 21-endorsed Jane Kim received 45%, much closer than most observers expected. The race is also the most expensive in San Francisco history at $2 million and counting.  The candidates will face off in the November general election, and Local 21 will be gearing up to support Jane Kim in the runoff!