Local 21 Proposes 3.2% Raise, City of San Francisco Proposes Major Cuts

Clearly, Local 21’s view of what’s fair and what our economic future holds is strikingly different from the City of San Francisco’s. Based on the quickly improving budget data, Local 21’s San Francisco Bargaining Team, who began negotiations one month ago, formally proposed a 3.2% wage increase. This is the same CPI-driven increase granted to all City contractors last January. 

At our bargaining session last week, the City proposed major reductions in salary, benefits, and long-standing union rights. Most of the City’s proposals are over-reaching and seek to repeal compensation, benefits, and rights won by Local 21 members over the past several decades. Some of these proposals included:

  • A 2.69% wage decrease in the form of seven furlough days per year. This would be on top of the 2.5% or 3% increase (depending on salary level) in pension payments we’re making beginning July 1, 2012.
  • Permanently cut the City’s contribution to health benefits for employees in the “Medically Single/Employee Only” and “Employee +1” categories, forcing employees enrolled in both these categories to pay substantially more for their health benefits and in future years, absorb the cost of medical inflation.
  • Elimination of all premiums and incentive pay in our contract.
  • Reduce comp time for most employees from the current 1.5 hours of comp time earned for overtime hours worked, to 1 hour.
  • Impose mandatory drug testing of certain employees. This creates the potential for serious privacy violations, legal questions, and has the ability to target employees under the guise of “reasonable suspicion.”
  • Weaken the grievance procedure by restricting the definition of a grievance to eliminate violations of City rules, policies, and procedures. The proposal also allows the City to ignore time limits without penalty, while a failure by the Union to respond (even to the City’s non-response) kills the grievance.  

Local 21’s Team is rejecting these takeaway proposals, and we’re not alone in saying “no.” Last week, a coalition of every city employee union (including Police and Fire), voted unanimously to recommend that all unions reject these concessions. To learn more about the City of San Francisco’s proposals and watch a video produced by Local 21, visit our website.