Local 21, San Francisco Partner to Solve IT Hiring Crisis

Local 21 leadership has been working closely with the City for months to come up with win/win solutions to the IT Hiring Crisis that San Francisco currently faces. The City currently has more than 200 vacant IT job positions. Because of complex and lengthy hiring procedures, IT talent that could strengthen our public services and help relieve the burden on existing IT workers have gone elsewhere. We are happy to announce that we have finalized the TechHire Initiative, a two-year pilot project that we believe will lead to a more streamlined hiring process, less contracting out of high-level IT work, and greater diversity in our workforce. Additionally, the City has agreed to set aside an extra $100,000 per year to train IT staff in emerging technologies so that City employees have the skills needed to handle new technology. Finally, the City agreed to provide extended ranges to 1054s and 1064s under our Agreement. IT Chapter leaders and union staff will be closely monitoring the 2 year pilot in quarterly meetings with management to make sure that our goals of diversity, expertise, and transparency are met.

Additionally, IT Chapter leadership and union staff have been working with the City to develop two new ways for interested workers to enter City IT employment. DT’s IT Hiring Bootcamp will provide small groups of workers a fast, project-based opportunity to show their IT qualifications and test for open PCS positions in the city. Similarly, the 1010 Trainee Series will be a 2 year job training program that aims to bring motivated young people from diverse backgrounds into city IT employment through classroom learning, group projects, and on-the-job mentorship. We agreed to modify the IT minimum qualifications to allow Trainees upward mobility in the City, but also negotiated protections so that the IT minimum qualifications changes will not affect the work or salary of current members in any way.  IT Chapter members are excited to see the City working proactively to create new opportunities for San Franciscans while protecting and preserving permanent civil service jobs.