Local 21 Successfully Urges Court to Lift Imposition Against SEIU, Discuss Restoring Local 21 Wages

Local21 recently joined with SEIU 1021 and the San Francisco-based Management Employees Association (MEA) to successfully urge the San Francisco Superior Court to lift its contract imposition against SEIU 1021 and return to the bargaining table with all of its Court unions. SEIU recently held a successful one-day strike when the Court declared impasse in its negotiations and imposed terms including a “permanent” 5% wage reduction. That imposition and wage reduction will no longer take place. The Court will also meet with Local 21 and MEA to discuss returning the 5% wage reduction we agreed to when the state budget was significantly more dire.

Court employees have made significant sacrifices over the past few years, including taking pay cuts and losing a large percentage of staff because of the budget cuts to the Courts at the state level. The state budget that Governor Brown signed on June 27, 2012, significantly changed trial court funding and reserve policies. It requires the Court to spend all but 1% of its reserved funds, and provides monies for certain operations.

Local 21 is working to ensure that the Court’s commitment to discuss a rescission results in the restoration of wages for our members. After years of sacrifice on the part of our members and the Court’s new financial circumstances, rescinding the pay cut would be the only fair and equitable outcome.