Local 21 Wins Expanded Emergency Benefits in San Francisco

Local 21 members are reorganizing their lives to confront the coronavirus — telecommuting, providing essential services, keeping their families safe, and volunteering on the front lines. As dedicated public servants, we are always ready to serve our communities, especially in times of crisis.

From the beginning, Local 21 has been advocating for our members, especially those who face economic uncertainty or must risk their lives to keep our city services running.
To slow the spread of the virus, and in keeping with how we are organizing against COVID-19, we have encouraged all of our members who can work remotely to telecommute. The City has agreed to extend telecommute agreements in place during this shelter-at-home period until May 1, 2020.

In combination with Federal relief, the City is temporarily expanding paid furlough, paid leave, and other benefits with the following provisions starting today, April 1st:


Paid Administrative Leave

For employees performing essential services who must remain in the workplace and have been quarantined, diagnosed with COVID-19, or are COVID-19 symptomatic:

  • The employer will presume that infection occurred at work;
  • Workers must first use their new Family First Coronavirus Response Act paid sick leave (see below), but then;
  • Can supplement with this paid administrative leave.


Paid Furlough Extended Through May 1

Paid furlough for workers available to work, but for whom no work is available, is extended through May 1.


Sick Leave Benefits

Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) – Additional 80 hours of sick leave which can be integrated with other leaves to maintain full wage replacement. This is a federal program which caps the daily value of the benefit at $511 per day. Can also be used for other uses – for example caring for a family member on quarantine or a child home due to school closure – with a cap of $200 per day and integrated with other leaves. This benefit is prorated for part-time employees.
Additional 80 hours of sick leave that can be used for any sick leave related purpose, including school closure or self-quarantine. This additional leave is prorated for part time employees.
Sick Leave or vacation advance program of an additional 80 hours will continue through May 1. If you’ve already used the sick leave advance your banks will be credited using the new grant of sick leave detailed above.

Caps Raised

  • Vacation accrual cap raised by up to 80 hours until end of December 2021.
  • Floating holiday cap raised by up to 80 hours with rollover to FY20-21 and FY21-22.
  • “Z” designated employees who are eligible for comp time will have their comp time cap raised by up to 80 hours.


Incentive Floating Holiday Time

In recognition of frontline staff who are still reporting to worksites (not telecommuting), 8 hours floating holiday will be earned for every regularly scheduled 40 hrs. worked, up to a maximum 80 hours floating holiday.


Click here to read the full, updated COVID-19 compensation plan. 
Click here to see a chart for the updated COVID-19 paid leave plan.

If you have any questions or issues with enforcement of these provisions, please contact your Local 21 Representative/Organizer on the list below.


Local 21 City & County of SF ChapterLocal 21 Representative/Organizer
Accountants and Auditors ChapterVivian Araullo
Admin Analysts & Personnel Professionals ChapterJessica Beard
Appraisers ChapterJulia Harding
At-Large ChapterBeverly Duran
Chemists and Lab Professionals ChapterAngela Long
Field Operations ChapterVivian Araullo
Health and Safety Professionals ChapterEmily Wallace
Health Care Professionals ChapterBeverly Duran
Info Technology Professionals ChapterEmily Wallace
Legal Professionals ChapterAngela Long
Municipal Architect Employees ChapterJessica Beard
Planners & Environmental Specialists ChapterJulia Harding
Professional Engineers ChapterAlicia Flores
Purchasers ChapterVivian Araullo
Rehab Professionals & Physician Assistant ChapterVivian Araullo
Sign Division ChapterAlicia Flores
Technical Engineers Chapter

Vivian Araullo

In Solidarity,
Gus Vallejo
IFPTE Local 21 President