Major Win at Berkeley Schools

The Berkeley Unified School District chapter won a significant arbitration case this month. The chapter filed a grievance, which was based on a “me too” clause in the current MOU that the employer was refusing to honor. The clause states that any raise that is given to a bargaining unit in the District would also be given to Local 21. 

When a 2% raise was awarded to other bargaining units, Local 21 filed a grievance that we too should be awarded the raise, pursuant to the conditions of the MOU. The District claimed the clause did not apply in this case, and that the grievance was not filed in an adequately timely manner. Arbitration was held in October and a ruling was made that Local 21 would receive their remedy of 2% for all members of the bargaining unit, retroactive to March of 2011.

This is a very important win for this unit, given the employer’s continued unwillingness to negotiate and work with the Union.