Major Wins for Local 21 this Past Election Day

Local 21 members scored major victories in the November elections. Local 21-endorsed candidates and ballot measure won in over 85% of the San Francisco races. Our resources and hard work in this election helped defend public services, raised revenues for local governments, and strengthened our ability to achieve fair contracts. 

Local 21 swept the Board of Supervisor races; all our endorsed candidates won in their respective districts. This is a remarkable achievement, given that the opposition was well-funded by San Francisco’s largest corporations and developers. We defeated millions of dollars pouring into our local races with people power. We will now go into next year with a much stronger pro-labor majority on the Board. 

Voters approved Prop. C which will provide $300 million annually for to expand homeless services and affordable housing. Prop. C gained national attention and sent the message that voters are willing to make wealthy corporations pay their fair share to reduce inequality and address our most pressing social issues. 

These victories were made possible by the significant contributions of Local 21 members who attended campaign events, made phone calls, and walked door to door to talk to voters. Thank you to the hard work of every Local 21 member who took political action, and special thank you to SF PAC members!

Here are the results of Local 21-endorsed elections in San Francisco: 

San Francisco City & County

VICTORY: Board of Supervisors, District 2 – Catherine Stefanie
VICTORY: Board of Supervisors, District 4 – Gordon Mar
VICTORY: Board of Supervisors, District 6 – Matt Haney
VICTORY: Board of Supervisors, District 8 – Rafael Mandelman*
VICTORY: Board of Supervisors, District 10 – Shamann Walton
VICTORY: Assessor-Recorder – Carmen Chu
Loss: Board of Education - Monica Chinchilla
VICTORY: Board of Education - Alison Collins
VICTORY: Board of Education - Faauuga Moliga
Loss: BART Board of Directors, District 8 – Jonathan Lyens*
VICTORY: Measure A: Seawall Bond (YES) - Authorizes the issuance of $425 million in general obligation bonds for seismic strengthening and repair of the Embarcadero Seawall. 
VICTORY: Measure B: Privacy Guidelines (YES) – Establishes a Privacy First Policy to provide guidance to the City when considering the adoption of privacy-protective laws and policies. Principles include limiting collection and storage of personal information, de-identifying data sets, and securing personal information against unlawful access.
VICTORY: Measure C: Gross Receipts for Homeless Services (YES) – Establishes a gross receipts tax for all business with receipts of over $50 million. This would result in new tax revenue of $250 - $300 million annually dedicated to housing and homeless services, including shelters, prevention, and mental health services. 
VICTORY: Measure D: Cannabis Tax (YES) - Establishes an additional gross receipts tax for cannabis businesses. This would result in additional revenue of $7 - $16 million by 2021 with all new revenue going to the general fund.