Making Progress at the City of San Leandro!

The Local 21 Bargaining Team in San Leandro has been making progress. The Bargaining Team  and the City have agreed to six (6) Tentative Agreements. The TA’s below are from the bargaining sessions on 9/29 and 10/29:

  • Section 4.7 Personnel Files: The language became more specific in this section, eliminating purging of files and added a notice condition. The section outlines that no adverse material will be placed in an employee file without prior notice and copy given to the employee. With 24 hours notice to an HR representative or designee, employees are entitled to review their official personnel files or review with Union representation during business hours.
  • Section 4.8 New Employees: The City agrees to provide each new employee with a packet of Union information, which has been supplied by the Union.  This will help new employees understand the benefits of their Union and understand their rights as a member.
  • Section 30 Life Insurance: The City will maintain the employer paid Term Life Insurance policy with an AD&D benefit. The amount was increased from $20,000 to $50,000. This section also includes the City making the option of purchasing additional life insurance available.  
  • Section 42 Miscellaneous: Employee’s participation in the City’s deferred compensation plan shall be voluntary and therefore paid entirely by the employee. This option will be amiable to full- and part-time employees.  
  • Section 20 Application of Pay Rates: The Parties agree to incorporate the following differentials earned by Administrative Specialist Police, Police Services Aide, Police Service Technician, Senior PST, Public Safety Dispatcher, SPSD, Public Safety Dispatcher Supervisor into a new salary schedule: The classifications identified above will be moved up one salary range, which represents an increase of 2.5% (this will eliminate the different differentials and is a net increase compared to the differentials) For the period of time that PSA, PSD, and PST are assigned to work in a training capacity, he/she shall receive an additional twenty-five dollars ($25.00) a day pay differential.
  • Section 39 Standby Pay: The rate of pay has increased from one to two hours pay at the employees straight time.  The other increase is from two to three regarding the employee’s regular hourly rate for each day.  A minimum of 2 hours of overtime shall be credited to each employee on standby duty who responds to an emergency call.

The next scheduled bargaining sessions are 11/9, 11/20, and 12/4. The City’s chief negotiator Bill Avery will be meeting with the City Manager and then City Council to update them on our progress and outstanding issues.  We anticipate that the City will make comprehensive proposals, grouping together our outstanding issues at the next few bargaining sessions.