May Day 2012 Golden Gate Labor Coalition Rally

On Saturday, April 14, Local 21 members joined other Golden Gate Labor Coalition unions for a successful rally and march from the San Francisco Ferry Terminal to AT&T Park, coinciding with Giant’s opening day. NBC Bay Area news reported that close to 200 union members “who work as deckhands, captains, terminal assistants, mechanics and other positions within the Golden Gate Bridge Transportation and Highway District came out in droves to express their frustrations.”

Local 21 member Jim Hardy brought his wife Melissa and 16-year-old son Spencer to the demonstration because of their concern about increased health care premiums. Hardy, a steel inspector who has worked at the bridge since 2000 and has been a union member his entire adult life, said he doesn't want the district ‘chipping away at his medical benefits.’

The Golden Gate Labor Coalition is planning their next action for May 1, which coincides with International Workers’ Day. Local 21 members are encouraged to take off all or part of the work day to participate in May 1 actions:

For additional information about the action, or to RSVP, email Alex Tonisson