Members Stand Up to Employers’ Insults at Golden Gate Bridge District

After 25 bargaining sessions with a coalition of labor unions, the Golden Gate Bridge District is still insisting on a healthcare premium sharing structure that would hurt families and introduce plan changes for retirees.


Some of the plan changes included in the new structure would exclude current retirees from seeing non-Medicare doctors for new health problems, and increase the retirement age for all new employees to age 60.


At the bargaining table, the District told the coalition that its Board wants employees to pay more for their healthcare premiums so they could “understand and appreciate” their benefits. At a September 23 Board meeting, Local 21 members and other union members expressed outrage over the District’s insulting statement. During public comment union members spoke to the board for over an hour, telling them about how we earn our benefits every day, and how our dedication to the public makes a difference in the lives of Bay Area commuters. We made it clear that we understand exactly what our benefits are and how important they are to our health and our families’ well being, but that the District needs to appreciate the work we do to keeping the bridge, ferries, and buses safe and running on time. Photo by Alex Tonisson