More Progress on TAs in San Leandro!

Section 4.1 Union Rights:
Improved language that gives member leaders more time to work on issues that are not just grievance-related. 
 Section 17 Hours of Work:
In the third year of the contract for Public Works. Effective January 1, 2018, the graveyard shift differential shall be increased to three hundred dollars ($300.00) per month. For continuous 24-hour operations staffed with two shifts, the second shift will receive graveyard shift differential. Shift differential will be suspended for absences of over 30 continuous days.  In the event an employee’s work schedule is to be changed, the employee shall be given fourteen (14) days notice rather than just seven (7) days in advance in the previous contracts. 
Shift sign-up for PD members and other civilian positions shall be based on hire date with the City of San Leandro except in the case of probationary employees who are new to the City of San Leandro. Probationary employees who are new to the City of San Leandro can be assigned during their probationary period based on the needs of the department.
Section 38. Professional Certification:
The City agrees to pay the cost of written and medical examinations, and the difference in the license renewal fees above a Class C Driver’s License for those represented employees who are required to obtain and maintain a Class B Driver’s License.  Employees maintaining a valid Class A Driver’s License shall receive a2.5% pay differential. 
Next Bargaining session:
We are tentatively scheduled to bargain next on Monday January 4,  2016. We still have important issues on the table but we hope that both sides will reach a fair deal soon.