New Local 21 Video: “You Have the Means”

Three independent consultant studies have all reached the same conclusion:  there is no further need for salary or benefit reductions and the City of Hayward has the means to painlessly and responsibly reach an agreement on an equitable contract with City employees. 

The enclosed video was shot during a recent bargaining session and is entitled “You Have the Means”, and in less than 3 minutes, budget expert Bob Brownstein tells the simple story and simpler solution to resolving the contract dispute.  Our goal is to reach an agreement and unite Hayward city employees behind a City Council and City Manager that demonstrates they actually care about them. 

As stubborn as the City Council and Manager have acted, we are equally determined to hold to the Local 21 principle – when the facts support the need for sacrifices, we care and we will step up and do our part.  And when they don’t, we will resist for as long as it takes to prevail in achieving what is a fact based and fair resolution. 

Tune in and watch…..  “You Have the Means”