Not all 2014 Contracts Settled: Hayward is One Example of An Extended Fight for Equity

As the New Year begins and we turn our attention to planning new bargaining campaigns in key Local 21 jurisdictions including Oakland and San Jose, staff is continuing to work hard to settle our remaining contracts from 2014.

The most contentious of these lingering battles is in the City of Hayward where the City Council hopes to win more than 5% in new concessions without a factual basis to warrant further cuts.  To fact check Hayward’s claim that the City is facing looming deficits, Local 21 brought in three independent experts to examine the City’s revenues, expenditures, and budget policies.  Combined, the results of the studies show that the City has consistently underestimated revenues and overstated expenditures while neglecting to pursue straightforward fiscal policies which could ensure that the City maintains a positive fiscal balance without new concessions from city employees.

Bargaining continues, but any concessions will be resisted for as long as it takes because Local 21 has proven that there is no fact-based, honest, financial basis for the City to insist on new concessions.  There is no reason for Hayward city employees and their families to suffer more than they already have since the onset of the great recession.  Local 21 members in Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Alameda County and all our jurisdictions all are receiving salary increases.  There isn’t an excuse left for a different outcome in Hayward.