November 1 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2017

Next meeting:

November 1, 2017, 12:00 pm, 1167 Mission Street, 2nd floor, SF, CA 94103


Alex Tonisson, Susan Cook, Napone Phommachakr, Ray Flores, Kim Thompson, Derek Omokaro, Steve Solnit, Christy Powell and Sukh Khatanbaatar


·       Roundtable thoughts and impressions on Delegate assembly happened at Preservation Park in Oakland on October 28th

·       Card and Conversation’s campaign (Janus Decision):

o   Alex: Initial presentation on Janus case was happened on last Chapter’s meeting, 10/11/2017.  That was 1st module. Next module will be on the next Chapter meeting and we will start:

§   Asking/presenting “Why we are doing this?”

§  Asking people to be volunteer on the volunteer organizing teams for Card and Conversation’s campaign,

§  Card is not enough, critical part of this whole process is conversation. So keep following up our conversations is important.

§  Volunteer organizing team members will be trained soon. It’s great if all delegates volunteer to do this. You can start out talking to your coworkers around your work area, conversation with them and get those sign on the card. 

§  Part of the conversation will be Inoculation, feedbacks

§  Presentations, materials will be available

o   Kim: Employees need to know why they need to stick with Union. Most employees don’t aware that Union is there and can negotiate on the benefits. Volunteer training for delegates should cover this as well.

·       Recommendation the use of the Rule of Ten Scores as the Certification Rule for this list for position Based Test for a PeopleSoft Programmer Analyst.

o   After roundtable conversation, all voted for rule of seven scores as the Certification Rule.

·       Holiday party update

o   It is confirmed. Party will be held on Thursday Dec 14th, 2017 @ Kome Japanese Seafood & Grill Buffet restaurant, between 5:00-7:30pm.

o   RSVP is due by Friday, 12:00 pm, 12/7/17. No exceptions.

o   Non-member guest needs to do RSVP as well. Non-member guest fee is $25/person.

o   ID must be provided.

o   No registration at the door.

o   Latest arrival should be 7:00 pm.

o   Chapter will cover tax and tips. 

o   Reservation fee of $300 is already pad.

o   Currently 2 volunteers are interested to organize holiday party.

·       ITEB Google Group

o   Steve created google group for ITEB with personal email addresses. 16 members of 18 are accepted.

o   This is confidential group. Conversation won’t be shared with management nor with city emails.

o   This is the space to make our statements, conversations, issues etc…

o   Susan and Sukh will be the group page administrator to add/remove users etc…

·       Susan: Member outreach ideas

o   Steve: All members should sit in big circle instead of back to back in the Chapter meeting to bond better.

o   Ray: Bring more members from your workspace to meetings.