November Election Gets Hot, Hot, Hot! More than $1 Billion at Stake in San Francisco and Oakland

With the San Francisco election less than two weeks away, Local 21 is bumping up our work to pass Proposition C for fair retirement changes and to Defeat Proposition D, the retirement rip-off.

Recent polling shows that we are making steady progress with voters, but the election is far from a done deal. More than a third of the electorate remains undecided and could go either way. Our efforts in the coming days will be to reach these voters. This is critical because if both propositions pass, the one with the most votes will go into effect. That’s why we’re advocating a YES vote on Prop. C and a NO vote on Prop D. Prop D costs city employees millions more than Prop C.

Here is how SF members can help:

1.   HIT THE PHONES!Dedicate one night in the next two weeks – any Tuesday or Thursday – to phone friendly voters to bring home our message. We phone from 5:30-8:30 at 1182 Market St. #318. RSVP to Julie Gilgoff at

2.   HIT THE STREETS! Join us on November 5 at 10am for the Finale Rally as wedrop campaign information at the homes of San Franciscans. Location TBA. RSVP to Julie Gilgoff at

3.   GIVE ME A SIGN!Put up a window sign for Yes on C/No on D. You can drop by our SF office or we’ll deliver it to your home. Just email Nestor Castillo at and he and Pam Covington will get it to you.

Watch the Yes on C, No on D Hits the Airwaves

Local 21ers in Oakland are also hitting the phones to pass Measure I, a parcel tax that raises $11 million to restore city services and Measure J which makes technical tweaks to an old retirement program and saves the city $1-$2 million annually. In Oakland, vote by mail ballots ONLY. Ballots due November 15.

The final nights to phone voters before the election are Wednesday November 2 and 9from 5:30-8:30 (ballot are due November 15). Join us at our Oakland office, 436-14th St., 14th floor, Oakland.

We’ll have a healthy dinner available at both phonebanks and the chance to win gift cards to Safeway, the movies, and iTunes. RSVP to Nestor Castillo at