Oakland Bargaining Bulletin 8.11.17



Highlights of the TA’s we have signed off on so far:

•    Paid 30 minutes of Union Orientation for new hires within 30 days so we can build Union Power as new employees join Local 21.

•    Codified Labor Management language in the MOU for OPD (it was a side letter before) and Local 21 exclusive Labor Management (we had mandatory LMM in the past MOU).

•    Increasing the shoe allowance from $115 to $150 and the ability for new hires to get a shoe voucher within 30 days of hire.

•    Requests for tuition reimbursements shall be granted/denied within 15 work days and will not be unreasonably denied.

•    Sick Leave Buy Back, upon separation with the City, after 10 years, can be put into deferred compensation. Speaking of compensation, the issuance of the recent memo regarding 457 deferred compensation twice a year was the result of Local 21’s Deferred Compensation Committee Representative Waliana Dieu pushing the matter (the City wasn’t even aware this was possible). A victory for long term retirement security.

•    The requirement to use all but 10 days of accrued sick leave to take care of yourself or a family member has been eliminated. (As an aside, as we fight for paid family leave, members can aggregate their paid leave such as sick, vacation, comp, management, to keep their paycheck whole for a longer period of time. Additionally, if a member is out on a long leave, they can save their paid time and use just one day a month to remain in paid status and maintain health benefits for that month.)

•    The City has agreed that they too have a responsibility to actively encourage training, education and development. Additionally, we have an agreement to be at the table with the City in a joint training committee that will work with the City to identify training needs of our members and provide curriculum recommendations.

•    We have eliminated a Letter of Understanding that required emergency staff to live within a close radius to the City of Oakland (which members can no longer afford to live in).


Key proposals we still have on the table:

•    General wage increase that reflects CPI

•    Respectful Workplace language… respect is free but they still won’t agree that the City will be respectful!

•    Layoff with redeployment into vacancies members are qualified for (currently, it takes an act of City Council to redeploy… we want it to be automatic). 

•    Contracting in committee to meet with the City and determine what work we can bring in-house and hire permanent employees with health insurance, pension, etc.

•    Using our PDA money for Wellness initiatives, such as a gym membership, dance classes, etc. 

•    Paid Family Leave, which is more than just paid maternity leave… it is paternity leave as well as paid time off to take care of oneself or a family member

•    2 hours off for doctor’s appointment so members do not need to use their sick or vacation time.