Over 200 SF Members Attend Part Two of Retirement Sustainability Roadshows

Earlier this month, over 200 Local 21 San Francisco members attended retirement sustainability “roadshow” meetings at worksites across the City. The meetings were designed to provide historic context for public employee organizing efforts and update members on the status of San Francisco retirement talks between City unions and elected officials. The meetings also solicited feedback from members to inform what direction Local 21 should take in helping to craft a ballot measure that would change retirement benefits for this November’s election.

Members received information about the history of public worker organizing efforts and the connections to the challenges that public employees are facing today. Most of the discussion focused on how Adachi’s proposals would undermine public workers’ retirement benefits and what alternatives City unions and elected officials are considering to curb rising retirement benefit costs and sustain retirement security for past, current, and future City employees.

This was the second in a series of meetings being held over the next few months on protecting retirement and healthcare security.