Port of Oakland December Newsletter: Common Class Study, Economic Uncertainty, New City Physician

Here are a couple of the highlightsof our December Port Newsletter:

  • The Common Class Study Methodology is prepared and ready for presentation to the Civil Service Board this Thursday, December 8 at 5:30 p.m. All Members are welcome to attend and as soon as we get information on the methodology used in the study, we will report back to the membership.
  • Budget Uncertainty Looms (page 1-3) as President-elect Trump’s plans for federal funding for cities like Oakland remains up in the air. This is relevant to the members at the Port because if the City of Oakland falls on hard times, they are going to look to make changes to the health insurance contribution and we want to ensure that we maintain 100% employer-paid health plans at the City, so we are in a strong bargaining position when we start bargaining at the Port of Oakland.
  • Lastly, there is a new City Physician. The City is no longer contracting with Concentra Medical Center. Instead, they are using Emeryville Occupational Medical Center. Any time needed to visit EOMC will be paid and if you are on a workers compensation visit, your mileage to and from the facility is paid for. With this in mind, we are hoping that the transition is smooth and the impact is non-existent for members.