Postpone Dissolution of Redevelopment Agencies: SUPPORT SB 659

Save Jobs, Affordable Housing and Economic Development

As you may know, the CA Supreme Court ruled that the measure to abolish redevelopment was legal and that the bill allowing redevelopment programs to continue in exchange for shifting millions of dollars to the state was unconstitutional. Worse, they ruled that redevelopment agencies should wind down their activities by February 1, just days from now.

A broad and diverse coalition of labor, business, public safety, local government and affordable housing advocates has signed on to support SB 659 (Padilla) to postpone the February 1, 2012 scheduled deadline to dissolve redevelopment agencies.

It is growing abundantly clear that postponing the Feb 1 deadline is needed to avoid mass chaos, litigation, and crumbling of agencies in just a few weeks. 

We are working aggressively to persuade the Governor and Legislature to first and foremost, extend the deadline, and secondly, to reestablish RDAs albeit on a smaller scale.

Please write to your Assemblymember and/or Senator to urge them to support and co-author SB 659. Download a sample letter. 

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