Rally for Affordable healthcare on September 18th!


Rally for Affordable Healthcare on September 18th!
Local 21 has united with 8 other unions to find a solution to the healthcare cost crisis impacting County employees. For too long, county employees have paid exorbitant prices for our healthcare. CCC employees pay higher healthcare premiums than any other city or county employee in the Bay Area. Worse, the Board of Supervisors recently approved double-digit premium increases for 2019.

We can't fix this problem without member participation and action. We need all Local 21 members to make every effort to join us on Tuesday, September 18th as we rally and speak at the Board of Supervisors meeting.
The Union Healthcare Coalition is:
• IFPTE Local 21
• SEIU 1021
• AFSCME 512
• AFSCME 2700
• PEU Local 1
• Deputy District Attorneys
• Defenders' Association
RSVP Here: Sep. 18, 8:00 am
Please arrive at 8am and plan to stay as long as you can. We will rally outside the Board Chambers at 651 Pine Street before joining the Board meeting at 9:30 a.m. Breakfast and coffee provided. Please WEAR BLACK for union solidarity. 
Hundreds of your fellow coworkers have RSVP'd
"I'll be at the rally on September 18 because affordable healthcare is a critical issue for me and my co-workers. The County has put a system in place that makes families struggle to afford healthcare, and that's unacceptable. And it's about to get worse! It will take all of us to stand up and make our voices heard on this campaign. Join me in letting the Board of Supervisors know that we are ready for a change!"

- Vickie Kaplan Wetzel, Administrative Services Assistant III, EHSD
"I am all in on September 18 so that county workers like us will be able to voice our support for affordable healthcare.  Everything seems to be going up yearly such as rent, gas, and other expenses, but the biggest concern is the healthcare. I am married with two kids and am currently on one income and I have to budget my salary allowance to fit all our daily expenses. Health insurance is an important necessity for everyone with or without a family. So having affordable healthcare will definitely help all of us and many others."

- Aaron Cabrera, System Analyst II, Health Services
"The County has created a situation where healthcare costs are out of control and not equal for all employees. So it’s up to us to demand a change. Plus rates are set to go up again in January 2019- as much as 14.74%! Enough is enough. I’m in for the September 18 Rally before the Board of Supervisors Meeting and I plan on attending the meeting to show solidarity, are you?"

- Lisa Santini, Administrative Services Assistant III, Health Services
"For many of us, healthcare premiums are the second biggest item on our budget after our mortgage or rent. And the costs keep rising, as much as 14% next year even though inflation is expected to only rise 2.44%. Any wage increases are often consumed by rising healthcare costs. We need to fix the broken system now! And that won’t happen unless we stand up and are counted."

- Bryan Thomas, IT Project Manager, Health Services
"I really care about improving healthcare coverage for all my county co-workers. I signed the petition, and will attend the rally on September 18th. Nine county unions are standing together to bring about change for everyone. Join us!"

- Terri Night, Rehabilitation Therapy Services Supervisor, Health Services
Watch our video for a recap of the first time the Contra Costa County Healthcare Coalition confronted the Board of Supervisors
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