Reflecting on the 2016 Election

The election is now over, and with the votes tallied and the results certified, and it is important to recognize the contributions made by many Local 21 member volunteers on behalf of our endorsed candidates for County Supervisor — AnaMarie Avila Farias and Diane Burgis.

After choosing to support AnaMarie and Diane following our chapter’s first ever endorsement process, Local 21 members volunteered on behalf of both candidates throughout the campaign season. The June Primary saw more Local 21 volunteers hitting the phones and streets than ever before.

Diane Burgis was overwhelmingly successful in her bid to represent East County, defeating Brentwood City Councilman Steve Barr.

Although the massive corporate campaign funding and incumbency status of Supervisor Glover ultimately proved too much to overcome — at least this year — AnaMarie Avila Farias made an excellent effort, forcing Glover to campaign seriously for the first time in years and nearly pulling off the upset. AnaMarie deserves our commendation for taking on Glover’s negative, manufactured campaign attacks fuiled by big money.   

Local 21 members, and the Contra Costa Labor community at large, made an impact in this election. The composition of the Board of Supervisors will change because of your efforts.  It is critical that we build on this success moving forward, supporting candidates that share our values — including support for working families and the promotion of equitable and accessible services in the community — and putting the necessary time and energy behind our endorsement.

Although the results of the national election are problematic for working people on many counts, it is at the local level where elections can have the most impact. Thank you to all who got involved, and we look forward to welcoming future activists and volunteers to the movement!