Reminder: Paycheck Changes & Floating Holidays

As we kick off the new fiscal year, we remind you of changes in your upcoming paychecks. Effective June 9, 2012, the 4.62% temporary wage decrease was restored. This was reflected beginning in your July 3, 2012, paycheck. This means furlough days are officially a thing of the past.
As of July 1, 2012 members will also begin paying an increased pension contribution, per Prop. C. Members earning $100,000 or less per year will pay an additional 2.5% on top of the 7.5% contribution they already make. Employees earning more than $100,000 will pay an additional 3% towards retirement. This change will be reflected in your July 17, 2012, paycheck.
Local 21 members also received a one-time award of 2 paid floating holidays on July 1, 2012, on top of the 4 floating holidays you normally receive every year. The new MOU permits all unused furlough days and floating holidays accrued through June 30, 2013, to be carried over through fiscal year 2014-2015. With the exception of 4 floating holidays (32 hours) which can be carried over into fiscal year 2015-2106, all remaining furlough and other floating holiday  time will be lost on June 30, 2015. We encourage all members to use your days sooner rather than later, to ensure you do not meet the 2015-2016 accrual cap.