Report from East Bay MUD: Members Win Deferred Comp Grievance

Our East Bay Municipal Utility District chapter had a large win last month by settling our longstanding deferred compensation grievance.  During our 2013 negotiations, the District proposed removing language in the contract which provided an allotment of money the District would pay to a provider for administering the deferred compensation plan. 
Upon further research, we discovered that the plan had been renegotiated and the District was no longer paying the amount provided for in the contract.  For at least the past five years, the fees have been paid for solely by participants.  The District maintained that they have the right to shift the cost in this manner and no longer contribute the amount stated in the contract. Both Local 21 and AFSCME 2019 filed grievances on the issue and the grievances were combined earlier this year.  Prior to arbitration, the employer suggested we have a settlement meeting, which we agreed to. After a full day of bargaining and a few weeks in between, the employer agreed to our remedy.  The unit received two years of the allotted amount, ($105,000) retroactive to the date the grievance was filed and the District agreed to contribute the $105,000 specified in the contract going forward.  The details of how this allocation will be applied to the account will be decided by the deferred compensation committee which has representatives from all Unions on it.