Retired Contra Costa Water District Leader, Bob Langston Passes Away

Retired Contra Costa Water District member and Local 21 leader Bob Langston passed away last month after a brief illness. He worked at the District from 1997 to 2007 as an Administrative Analyst.

Bob was known for his attention to detail and spirited discussion. He was very active in Local 21 and served several terms as chapter President. As a leader, he worked to develop the union’s future leadership and build bridges with local political leaders. As an advocate, he worked tirelessly to represent employees’ concerns and his ability to listen closely and his passion for finding reasonable solutions were highly appreciated.

“As a former union representative, Bob understood the importance of unity in the face of a sometimes difficult employer, and he brought that spirit and understanding to his leadership role in Local 21,” said Local 21 Field Services Director Bob Britton. “As a negotiator and chapter officer, he subjugated his own work issues and elevated those of his membership. He fought hard for every single issue and knew how to make a deal.” Bob will truly be missed.