Richmond Members Extend Contract, Preserve Jobs

Local 21 members working for the City of Richmond voted to extend their contract for one year. The group’s MOU was originally set to expire in June, but will be rolled over with all terms, wages, and benefits preserved. Additionally, if SEIU, the other large non-safety unit in the City, negotiates any improvements in their contract Local 21 will automatically get the same improvement. Members also voted to enact a holiday closure for 2012. Instead of furloughs, employees will be required to use vacation for the closure, with the exception of one additional non-holiday date, which will be paid for by the city.

Last week, we also met with Richmond City Manager Bill Lindsay to discuss how Redevelopment employees’ positions are being absorbed into the city, following the statewide dissolution of Redevelopment Agencies. Lindsay told us the City is committed to working with Local 21 to preserve jobs and institutional knowledge, and will be maintaining all Redevelopment positions through at least June 30, 2013. In the meantime, some formerly-Redevelopment employees are being transferred into other city positions and departments as a means of insuring their long-term employment with the city.