San Francisco PAC


The Local 21 San Francisco Council has voted to adopt the following San Francisco PAC endorsements for the upcoming election:



 Yes on Prop A. The PAC supports the expanded ability of the City to issue bonds for needed energy, including clean energy facilities, which in turn support Local 21 jobs. 

Yes on Prop C. The PAC has endorsed this ballot measure due to it being actively targeted toward an issue important to Local 21 members. The measure would establish a commercial rent receipts tax of 1-3.5% and would dedicate those funds to providing municipal funded childcare services for those making 1-200% of AMI. 

Yes on Prop G. The PAC supports this measure, which has received overwhelming support from labor organizations and would positively impact Local 21 represented administrative positions at SFUSD. With certain exceptions, the measure would add a special assessment fee of $298 to all taxable real estate property in SF from 2018-2038. Funds are allocated to salary increases and other improvements for teachers and other SFUSD staff.

The PAC has taken no position on the remaining propositions.


District 8 Supervisor:

Vote for Rafael Mandelman! The SF Pac endorses Mr. Mandelman, a Local 21 member and strong supporter of city workers, for the position of District 8 Supervisor. Read more about the endorsement and how to help get a fellow member elected here


San Francisco Mayor:

The PAC has endorsed three candidates for the Mayoral race.

·      Jane Kim

·      Mark Leno

·      London Breed

San Francisco allows voters to choose up to three candidates for the Mayor's race and rank them in order of preference. During candidate interviews, the PAC felt that multiple candidates, despite their differences in experience and strengths, were equally qualified to be Mayor. In addition, all three candidates have had a long history with Local 21 and the PAC feels they would equally respect Local 21 members and negotiate fairly during bargaining. For these reasons, the Local 21 PAC urges San Francisco members to vote for all three of our top candidates, London Breed, Jane Kim, and Mark Leno for Mayor, and is leaving it to members to decide the ranking based upon their personal preference.


San Francisco Superior Court:

Retain SF Judges Ming Mei Lee, Curtis Karnow, Andrew Cheng, ​and ​ Jeffrey Ross





Responsibilities of San Francisco Political Action Committee Members

The San Francisco PAC is a working committee. San Francisco PAC members are expected to:

•    Attend and participate in PAC meetings, candidate interviews and ballot measure discussions.
•    Volunteer 10 hours or more in Local 21 endorsed campaigns and/or
•    Contribute $7.50 per check to the TJ Anthony Political Action Committee Fund and/or
•    Serve as a working representative between Local 21 and allied organizations, labor groups and coalitions we are affiliated with (IE: San Francisco Labor Council, Jobs with Justice)

San Francisco Political Action Committee

Elections Around the Corner? Yes, really.

It’s hard to believe, but 2018 will be here before we know it.

Local 21 is very active in elections, walking door to door to talk to voters, informing members about endorsements, and phoning voters to give them information about endorsed candidates and ballot measures. The Political and Policy Director and staff provide strategic assistance to endorsed campaigns and the Executive Committee allocates donations where appropriate.

The SF PAC reviews local ballot measures and interviews candidates to make endorsement recommendations to the full San Francisco Council. If approved, they are forwarded to the member-elected Executive Council who makes the final decisions on all endorsements. You can read more

The PAC is a working committee. Members are expected to volunteer ten hours in one of our endorsed campaigns or donate at least $7.50 per check to the PAC Fund or serve as our representative to one of our coalition partners (i.e.: Jobs with Justice, SF Labor Council).  Most PAC members do at least two of these activities and some do all three!

The Committee meets once a month at lunchtime, usually the second Monday of the month – more frequently closer to elections and less often during quiet periods.  The meetings are open to Local 21 members.

New members are considered by the Vice President for San Francisco and approved by the full San Francisco Council every two years. The application is at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions or want to confirm the date of the next PAC meeting, please contact Rachel Richman, Political and Policy Director at


 SF PAC Procedure for Appointment, Voting Eligibility and Endorsement of Candidates and Measures

(Adopted by the SF Council on March 21, 2012 and updated on January 18, 2017)


The purpose of the Political Action Committee (PAC) is to review pending legislation, review ballot measures, interview candidates running for office in San Francisco and make a recommendation to the San Francisco Council based on how the matter will impact members, strengthen our union or have strategic value.

The San Francisco Council will review the PAC recommendations, then forward a recommendation to the Executive Committee. The San Francisco Council may refer the item back to the PAC for re-consideration.


1.  The SF PAC Committee is a standing committee of SF Council. Members will serve for a two-year term and may be considered for reappointment and shall be comprised of members who are: Executive Committee Members, Chapter Officers, Delegates, Alternate Delegates, and Member Activists.  If at any time, the PAC has no Chair or Vice-Chair, the VP for San Francisco shall be the acting Chair of the PAC.

2. Members will serve for a two-year term and may be considered for reappointment. The VP for San Francisco in consultation with the staff, will consider prior term attendance at PAC meetings and the establishment of positive working relationships when considering PAC members request for re-appointment.

3. Members interested in being appointed to the SF PAC must submit their names to the VP for SF, and/or Political and Policy Director or staff designee by January 31st 2017.  In subsequent years, names must be submitted by January 31st.

4. All current SF PAC members are eligible for appointment for the term beginning in 2017.

5. When making proposed appointments,  the SF VP shall consider the person’s involvement in local campaigns, community service, local political clubs, and Local 21 campaigns and political program as well as their ability to work towards consensus building and willingness to work together to reach common agreement. 

6. The VP for SF shall submit the proposed SF PAC appointments to the SF Council for approval by February 28th 2017. In subsequent years, proposed appointments shall be approved at the second regular Council meeting of the calendar year.

7. The SF VP may submit names at any time to the Council when a vacancy occurs.

8. The PAC will elect a Chair at the second meeting after the committee is appointed

9. Nominations will be made at the first meeting and close at the beginning of the second meeting

10. The Chair will serve a two-year term and may be re-elected.

11. The Chair will appoint a Vice Chair who will fulfill the responsibilities of the Chair in their absence 

12. In the event the Chair is unable to fulfill their duties; the Vice Chair will call for a special election to be held no more than 60 days after the Chair vacates the position.

13. The Chair shall not hold a concurrent Executive Committee seat

14. The Policy and Political Director will report on PAC member participation and eligibility periodically to the SF PAC and others

15. Once appointed, each member must attend at least 6 meetings per year, and perform one or more of the following:

a. Commit to 10 hours of campaign volunteering per year,

b. Participate in the TJ Anthony PAC,

c. Act as an active liaison to the labor council or a community partner to be eligible to vote on Committee endorsement recommendations.



1.     The primary responsibility of the PAC Chair is to facilitate and encourage discussion through analysis of proposed endorsements.

2.     The PAC Chair, in consultation with the Political and Policy Director, will develop and publish a meeting agenda 2 days before a scheduled PAC meeting.

3.     The PAC Chair, in consultation with the Political and Policy Director, will develop a list of proposed legislation or ballot measures that contains:

a.     A summary of each proposed legislation or ballot measure

b.     The impact of the legislation or ballot measure especially as it pertains to Local 21 and its members

c.     Any known support or opposition to the legislation or ballot measure

4.     The PAC Chair may appoint financial impact, land-use or other sub-committees to fully research issues that may have an impact on our members.

5.     When reviewing candidates for office, the PAC Chair, in consultation with the Political and Policy director, may solicit interview questions from PAC members and facilitate interviews at PAC meetings.


In determining which candidates/measures to consider for endorsement, the committee shall follow the guidelines set forth in:  Political Endorsement Process (adopted by at the June 7, 2008 Delegate Assembly and Amended at the January 26, 2012 Delegate Assembly) as well as the Principals for Legislative & Political Action (adopted by the Executive Committee on April 17, 2008).

Copies of the documents will be distributed to PAC members at their first meeting and discussed as part of the PAC orientation.