San Jose to Begin Negotiations Amidst Uncertainty with City’s Illegal Pension Reform Measure

San Jose continues to be a workplace of uncertainty. Employee unions were in County Superior Court today requesting an injunction against Measure B, the City’s illegal pension reform. The move would stop the City from implementing key pieces of Measure B until the court determines the ballot measure’s legality. 

Also related, the Public Employment Relations Board issued charges against the City on March 8 in support of Unfair Practice complaints, alleging the City failed to bargain in good faith to impasse before placing Measure B on the June 2012 election ballot. IFPTE Local 21, San Jose Firefighters, Operating Engineers 3, and AFSCME filed the complaints. Against this backdrop, Local 21’s AEA, AMSP, and CAMP chapters met with the City for the first time yesterday to open contract negotiations. Our MOUs expire June 30.